Proposed Tracks
Track / Scope
FA - 1
Sample Preparation, Metrology and Defect Characterization
  • Sample Preparation and Device Deprocessing for Analysis
  • Ion Beam/ TEM Sample Preparation Techniques
  • Defect Characterization
FA - 2
Die-Level/Package/System-Level Failure Analysis Case Studies
  • Die/Package Failure Analysis Process and failure mechanisms
  • 2.5D/3D Failure Analysis
  • MEMS Failure Analysis
  • Electrical Characterization and Nanoprobing
FA - 3
Advanced Fault Isolation Techniques
  • new applications using Laser Stimulation, Emission Microscopy, IR, Lock-in thermography, Laser Voltage Probing and imaging, soft defect localization, Nanoprobing, AFP, EBAC/ EBIC techniques
  • Software-based Techniques (Design for Test, Bitmap, scan diagnosis)
  • Novel FI Techniques
FA - 4
Advanced Physical Failure Analysis Techniques
  • Advanced optical beam, ion beam, Magnetic, X-ray, SPM Techniques
  • Novel PFA techniques
  • Challenges in advanced NVM, MEMS and non-silicon devices PFA
  • NVM, wide-band-gap device  and other non-silicon devices
REL - 1
Front-End of Line (FEOL) Reliability
  • Time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB), SBD, PBD and HBD in High-K Dielectrics.
  • Bias Temperature Instability (PBTI / NBTI) and Hot Carrier Reliability.
  • Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) and Single Dopant Effects.
  • Self-Heating in Sub-16 nm Device Nodes.
  • Process and Stress-induced Variability in FETs.
  • ESD failures, Radiation Effects.
  • Circuit / System level analysis of performance variability / reliability.
REL - 2
Back-End of Line (BEOL) Reliability
  • Time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) in Low-K Dielectrics.
  • Electromigration in Copper-based Interconnects.
  • Stress Migration (Stress-Induced Voiding - SIV).
  • Process and Stress-induced Variability in Interconnect Failures (e.g. LER etc.).
REL - 3
Package-Level Reliability
  • Pb-free solder electromigration.
  • Cracking, corrosion, delamination, fatigue in bond pads.
  • 3DIC, TSV stress and electromigration, TSV-induced device performance degradation.
  • Thermomechanical stress and power dissipation issues.
  • Copper wire bonding, die attach and encapsulation issues.
  • Wafer bonding technology yield and reliability.
REL - 4
Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) and Non-Silicon Device Reliability
  • NAND Flash, ReRAM, STTRAM, PCRAM etc.
  • Endurance degradation, Retention loss, Random telegraph noise (RTN), Read disturb issues.
  • Process-induced / operational time-dependent variability (die-to-die / cycle-to-cycle).
  • Reliability predictions at device and array-level.
  • Radiation Hardening, Forming Issues in ReRAM.
  • Non-Silicon Technologies of Interest - Ge, III-V, TFTs, CNT, Graphene, Organic Devices, Thin-Film Photovoltaics, MEMS etc.
  • New failure mechanisms in these devices.
  • Conventional failure mechanisms (BTI, stress, RTN, EM etc.) and their relative severity in these devices.

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